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项目类文章通过审核即刻免费发布。我们很荣幸发布最新的原创已建成的项目稿件,并会尽快在几小时内(最晚1.5个工作日内)发布出来。希望您能提供: 1. 中英文文字。word格式 / 2. 照片,像素72,宽度大于2000像素。JPG格式 / 3. 主要平立剖等线图。PDF或JPG格式 (注意图片请单独打包发送,附件超过25mb请勿直接发附件而是建议发送远程下载链接:建议提供百度云盘、dropbox等下载链接,不建议提供163、126邮箱下载链接)/ 4. 项目信息请按照我们的表格填写,并附在文章主体中一并发送。/ 5. 公司logo、简介及联系方式。

声明:1. 请与项目的摄影师确认图片版权之后投稿,在项目信息中写清楚,并给每一张照片标注好相应的版权所属人,以免产生版权问题。/ 2. 提供准确项目名称以及设计单位的中英文。/ 3. 在项目发布之前不提供临时预览,谷徳团队拥有对稿件的编辑权,发布后如有问题可以将修改意见发送至投稿邮箱,我们将在最快的时间内进行处理。/ 4. 如对图片的图注有特定要求,请将图片的名称内标清图注。/ 5. 如需预定微信头版请在投稿邮件中告诉我们。【关于微信头版的预定请点击这里,注意看投稿选中情况下费用。】

Since it’s inception in 2010, gooood has expanded rapidly into the most popular and influential architecture, landscape, design and art online magazine and community. Based in Beijing, we now boast over 22,200,000 page views a month, with traffic doubling every year. gooood is a top-ranked website in the field of Architecture (including landscape and interior design) which has the highest traffic in China (one of the top 10 architecture sites in the world; 1st rank in top architecture sites in both China and Asia). Despite already having over 5,000,000 followers on our website and social media accounts (380,000 on WeChat ) and honored with a top position of leadership, influence and reputation within the industry, gooood continues to grow at an exponential rate.

We are now offering to freely publish your articles on current design projects once we approve them. Articles full of freshness and innovation especially steal our attention and we will eagerly publish such pieces within a few hours.
Please include the following in your submissions: 1. English article / 2. Photos, pixel 72, more than 2000 pixels wide. (JPG) / 3. plan, elevation and section graphs etc. (PDF / JPG) /4. Please fill in the project data in accordance with our form and attach it in the word.

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