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Square courtyard with multiple openings

Project Specs


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Project background


Fuyang Planning Exhibition Hall (including municipal archives, urban construction archives, land archives and real estate archives) is located in the center of Fuyang Southern New Area, with a total land area of 5.21 hectares (including 2.98 hectares for building construction and 2.23 hectares for public green space).

▼项目远观,view from distance ©侯博文


Design strategy

加减  Addition and Subtraction


The project involves two functional types: exhibition and education of planning achievements, and storage and reference of archives. The city planning exhibition hall, city archives, urban construction archives, land archives and real estate archives are five independent functional subjects, which are typical exhibition, service and office complex buildings. As a volume control strategy, the combined operation of addition and subtraction ensures the independence of each functional subject and at the same time, keeps the simplicity and integrity of the form.

▼空间“减法”,功能“加法”,spatial deduction and functional addition ©东南大学建筑设计研究院


模数 Modular Design


The total height of the project is 23m, including 5 floors above the ground in the archive service area with 4600mm height, and 4 floors above the ground in the planning exhibition area with two heights of 4600mm and 6100mm. The two zones are connected on the 2nd and 4th floor respectively. 8700mm by 8700mm is selected as the standard column grid for the plan, and 1175mm and 1000mm are projected on the facade as modules, which helps the team to flexibly decide the appropriate ratio of windows according to the internal function.

▼错层衔接及立面模数控制,section of split-level connection and facade as modules ©东南大学建筑设计研究院


开放 Openness


▼公共空间及出入口,public space and entrance ©东南大学建筑设计研究院

Benefit from a series of public space, the project attracts people from all directions of the city, which shows the greatest inclusiveness and multi-dimensional openness. The design realizes the three-dimensional layout of the entrances and exits for different functional zones by raising the base level of the courtyard, and creates a rich sense of narration and a solemn sense of ceremony by the great steps.

▼建筑东立面,east elevation ©侯博文

▼东南方向出入口,southeast entrance ©侯博文

▼长台阶营造丰富的空间体验,long steps create a rich sense spatial experience © 侯博文

▼台阶与立面细节,detail of the steps and facade © 侯博文

▼建筑南立面与礼仪广场出入口,south facade and the entrance from Liyi plaza © 侯博文

▼利用宽台阶连接外部空间,connect external spaces with wide steps © 侯博文

▼入口水池,water at the entrance © 侯博文

▼西北侧入口,northwest entrance © 侯博文


绿色 Green Technology

该项目在总体布局上,借鉴中国传统建筑“合院式”布局理念,重视局部微气候的调控以及对自然通风采光的利用,无论是形体系数、层高、立面窗地比的控制、还是结合立面模数的三角形竖向金属遮阳系统设计,充分体现了 “被动式”绿色建筑设计理念在当代公共建筑设计中的运用。

▼建筑的通风与采光,ventilation and lighting ©东南大学建筑设计研究院

The layout of the building draws on the courtyard concept from Chinese traditional style, and the project attaches great importance to the adjustment of local microclimate and the utilization of natural ventilation and lighting. The application of “passive” green building design concept in contemporary public building design is fully expressed by the control of volume, floor height, and the ratio of windows, as well as the triangular vertical metal sunshade system.

▼借鉴中国传统建筑“合院式”布局,draws on the courtyard concept from Chinese traditional style © 侯博文

▼庭院空间重视局部微气候的调控,attaches great importance to the adjustment of local microclimate © 侯博文

▼馆内展陈空间,interior exhibition area © 侯博文

▼大型展厅,exhibition hall © 侯博文

▼场地平面,master plan ©东南大学建筑设计研究院

▼建筑平面,plan ©东南大学建筑设计研究院

▼立面,elevation ©东南大学建筑设计研究院

▼剖面,sectrions ©东南大学建筑设计研究院


Project name: Fuyang Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (Including Four Archives)
Design: Architecture & Engineers Co. , LTD. of Southeast University
Website: http://adri.seu.edu.cn/
Contact e-mail: summice@163.com
Design Year: 2013
Completion Year: 2017
Leader designer & Team: Xia Bing, Duan Jin, Yuan Wei, Xue Fengfeng, Chen Peng, Zhang Qi, etc
Project location: Fuyang City, Anhui Province
Gross Built Area (square meters): 51236.3 m2
Photo credits: Hou Bowen
Clients: Fuyang Chengnan New Area Construction Investment Co., Ltd

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