(杭州)设计聚合 – 建筑师 / 项目建筑师 / 室内设计师 / 商务拓展 / 媒体公关 / 媒体公关/建筑/室内设计实习生




设计聚合(Design Hub)是一家拥有国际背景的新锐建筑设计事务所。致力于直面中国当下人居与城市发展的复杂性问题,提供国际化的建筑、室内、景观、规划和策划咨询服务。


Design Hub is a cutting-edge architectural design firm with an international background who commit to handling the complexity of current human settlements and city improvement in China. Consequently, we offer internationalized architectural, interior, landscape, planning and consulting services.

Design Hub has been invited to engage in Montpellier French Architecture Exhibition, Hangzhou Canal Experimental Architecture Exhibition, Italian Fusion Art Exhibition, Guangzhou Art Exhibition, etc.



设计聚合目前有三名主持建筑师,黄明健(美籍华裔)、任天和何松,现均任教于中国美术学院建筑艺术学院。三人均曾就读于美国哈佛大学设计学院(Harvard GSD)。

At present, Design Hub has three leading architects, which includes Huang Mingjian (Chinese American), Ren Tian and He Song. Meanwhile, they are currently teaching at the School of Architecture and Art of China Academy of Art; also, they all graduated from Harvard GSD.

黄明健先生在美国Oylerwu Collaborative,GriffinEnrightArchitects等多家世界顶尖建筑事务所工作或深度合作,拥有世界顶尖的专业背景。

任天先生曾就职于瑞士Christian Kerez,美国MG2,新加坡WOHA,西班牙MateoArchitectura,日本偎研吾事务所(KKAA)等国际顶尖设计事务所,具有丰富项目经验及前沿的设计理念。


李萌女士,设计聚合商业合伙人,加入DESIGN HUB之前曾任职美国 Disney Orlando 总部金融控制部 Director,致力于为公司制定科学的发展战略和商业管理机制,聚合咨询业务的负责人。

Mr. Huang Mingjian has worked or collaborated in-depth with several leading architectural corporations in the world, for instance, Oylerwu Collaborative, GriffinEnrightArchitects, and possesses a world-class professional background.

Mr. Ren Tian has worked in numerous high-level international design firms, such as Christian Kerez of Switzerland, MG2 of America, WOHA of Singapore, Mateo Architecture of Spain, KKAA of Japan. He comes with strong program experience and cutting-edge design perspective.

Mr. He Song has served for Toyo Ito Architects in Japan and BIG Architects in Denmark. Besides, he worked as the project director of BIG, which managed several projects in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Also, his works have won multiple global awards, for example, Best Tall Building Award, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Annual Structural Excellence Award.

Ms. Li Meng is a business partner of Design Hub. Before joining the company, she served as the director of the Financial Control Department of the Disney Orlando headquarters in America. Furthermore, she dedicated to forming scientific development strategy and business management mechanism for the corporation, and the person in charge of the aggregation consulting business.


合作伙伴 | CLIENTS



Design Hub is an emerging design agency, which has performed several successful works in the global scope. The cooperation client and units involve:

Alibaba Foundation, Lakeside University, Nature Conservation Association, Harbin Engineering University, Hunan Satellite TV, Hangzhou Canal Group, West Lake University, Central South Land, Hualian Real Estate Group, Under the Blue Sky Media, etc. Our design services have succeeded in widespread industry recognition and client praise.




Design Hub locates in the first phase of the Baguatian Fund Town, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, in the centre area of the West Lake. Also, it is nearby to the Baguatian Southern Song Dynasty, back by Yuhuang Mountain and faces the Qiantang River. At the same time, it adjacent to the park, the property management of the park is outstanding, and provide catering equipment thoroughly. Thus, it is near Shuicheng Bridge Station and Baguatian Bus Terminal of Line 4 in Hangzhou Metro.


设计聚合DESIGN HUB认为场所研究是设计的一种核心工具,并且尊重人的行为,材料的性格以及当代技术与理念。因此,DESIGN HUB的建筑实践在致力于“形”(Form)的推演的同时,更注重探索如何借助现代科技去平衡建筑功能、成本、文脉、材料等因素,用符合现代人群心理、生活美学、文化传统的方式对建筑的传统分界提出挑战并进行诠释。 

Design Hub considers that place research is a main mechanism of design and respects human behavior, material feature and contemporary technology and ideas. Accordingly, the design practice of Design Hub dedicates to the decrease of “Form”, which also focus on exploring how to utilise modern technology to support building functions, expenses, context, materials and other determinants. We challenge and interpret the conventional limits of architecture in a manner consistent with the modern crowd’s psychology, life aesthetics, and cultural customs.




Design Hub has always persisted to the work approach of equality and collaboration, encourage communication and collision, and stimulate people’s potential. Meantime, Design Hub is enthusiastic about constructing a platform and occasion for every prominent designer to reveal their power, and together build a fun and fulfilling work experience. Moreover, we provide upstream treatment in this industry with comprehensive welfare guarantee system to respect and satisfy talents and efforts. 



Milan Mansion for Zhejiang Radio and Television Group

Central South Tangshan Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center

Jiaxing Luli future community

Zhongnan Haimen football town demonstration area

Tangshan Bay kindergarten

Tangma community center, Liyang, Jiangsu (completed)

Xianju Zuowanglin Restaurant

Taizhou coastal homestay

Interior design of flagship store of I YU IN SOUL in Qianjiang New City (completed, it is awarded with the 2018 Architecture Master Prize)

Guanyagou Hangzhou Binjiang Baolong store (completed)

Hangzhou headquarters of Ecommerse Selected by the World (completed)

Hangzhou Wangjiang future community (completed)



在 DESIGN HUB,我们致力于完成的每一个空间都值得品味与回味,我们不断挑战自己的才华边界,努力让每一个项目都成为同类空间的佼佼者。

People in Design Hub dedicate to completion is classic and timeless. Therefore, we continually challenge our talent limits and attempt to make each project become the leader in a similar field.

建筑师3名 | Architects (3 positions)

1. 正规院校建筑学本科及以上学历,重点高校与海外留学背景优先;
2. 有工作经历者优先,熟知中国建筑设计相关规范,了解施工流程,具有较强的协调沟通能力;
3. 熟练应用 AutoCAD,SketchUp,AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)等专业软件;
4. 强烈的责任心,良好的团队合作能力和项目执行能力,能够配合快速的办公节奏;

1. Possess bachelor degree or above in regular college architecture, major universities and abroad study experience preferred.
2. Hold work experience is preferred, proficient in Chinese architectural design associated codes, know construction process, possess great coordination and communication abilities.
3.Expert in adopting professional software, for example, AutoCAD, SketchUp, AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop).
4.With a powerful sense of accountability, excellent teamwork skill and program execution ability can collaborate with fast office pace.

项目建筑师2名 | Project Architects (2 positions)

1. 建筑学学士及以上学位,或国外同等学历;
2. 3年及以上建筑事务所或设计院工作经验;参与过公共建筑项目全过程者优先;兼具出色的设计能力和扎实的技术知识;关注建筑细节、材料构造,建筑落地性控制;
3. 具有优秀的职业素养和责任心,善于沟通,能够高效有序地带领设计团队;
4. 熟练应用Rhino, AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD等软件;

1. Own bachelor degree in architecture or above, or similar foreign qualifications
2. Possess 3-year working experience in an architectural firm or design institute. People who have engaged in the whole process of public construction projects are preferred. Hold superior design skills and solid technical knowledge. Concentrate on building details, material structure, and building flooring administration.
3. Hold outstanding professionalism and sense of accountability, be good at communication, and can guide the design group in an adequate and precise manner.
4. Familiar with Rhino, AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD and other software;

O 室内设计师2名 | Interior Designers (2 positions)

1. 3年及以上工作经验,从事过项目的主持设计与管理工作,重点高校与海外留学背景优先;
2. 有较强的审美能力,熟悉现代主义和当代的设计手法;
3. 室内设计、环艺艺术或建筑设计相关专业,本科以上学历;
4. 熟练使用AutoCAD,Rhino, 3Dmax,Photoshop,InDesign等软件;
5. 有较强的沟通能力,团队合作能力和执行力,有设计管理经验者优先;

1. 3-year or above work experience, who have been in charge of program design and management, priority in universities and abroad study backgrounds are preferred.
2. Possess a powerful aesthetic ability, know modernism and contemporary design techniques accurately.
3. Hold a bachelor degree or above in interior design, environmental art or architectural design.
4. Familiar with software, for instance, AutoCAD, Rhino, 3Dmax, Photoshop, InDesign.
5. Exceptional communication abilities, teamwork capacity and execution ability, experience in design management is preferred.

O 商务拓展 | Business Development


1.Generate new projects by developing and maintaining relationships with existing and/or new clients and consultants. Responsible for event reception and public relations.
2.Expand network and client body. Responsible for contract negotiation, signing, payment settlement, business work organization and communication. Bachelor or higher degree in Architectural Management/Media Marketing is preferred.
3.Responsible for pro-actively generating and organizing files and archives. Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Skilled in writing and editing. Proficiency in English is preferred. Well organized and decently mannered.
4. Have a good team spirit and strong sense of responsibility, with the ability to multitask under pressure.
5. Cheerful personality, attractive and friendly team players, with a strong sense of responsibility and flexibility, has the good ability of communication and coordination.
6. With previous experience of relevant positions is preferred.

O 媒体公关/实习生(长期招聘)| Media Public Relations/Internship (Long term recruitment)

7、精通常用的设计、排版、视频制作软件,如:Adobe套件、Video Editor等。

1. Responsible for the company’s public relations, we-media operations, project submission and prize declaration. Keep good communication and relationship with the media.
2. Bachelor degree or above in Architecture/Design/Art/News Media or related fields.
3. Strong ability to understand design concepts. Skilled in writing, editing and organizing files.
4. With previous experience of working on Architecture or Art related Wechat public account is preferred.
5. Assist with cultural and creative work.
6. Good at teamwork and communications. Responsible, reflective and proactive.
7. Skilled in design, layout, video software such as Adobe suites and Video Editor.

O 建筑及室内设计实习生(若干)| Architectures and Interior Design Interns

1. 建筑学,环艺,室内设计本科在读及以上学历;
2. 有良好的完善、发展设计能力和研究能力;
3. 熟练应用相关专业软件,有较强的手工模型制作能力;
4. 强烈的责任心和良好的团队合作能力;
5. 实习期不少于2个月者优先;
6. 实习补贴每月3000人民币起,及优秀实习生奖金。

1. Possess bachelor degree or above in architecture, environmental arts, interior design.
2. Significant development, design and research abilities.
3. Familiar with application-related professional software with a reliable manual model-making background.
4. Hold a powerful sense of responsibility and high-grade teamwork skill.
5. The internship duration, which not less than 2-month is preferred.
6. We provide internship subsidy starting from 3,000 RMB per month with an outstanding intern bonus. 


The candidate’s conditions do not constrain us. If you believe you have an excellent ability to be competent for the job, you are more than welcome to submit your resume or consultation to us.



1. 有意者请将简历及作品集 (PDF格式) 发至 hr@designhubarch.com
2. Email附件格式推荐为PDF文件,大小不超过10MB;
3. 邮件标题格式为(职位 + 全职/实习+姓名);

公司电话: 0571-89808916

1.For people who interested in us, please submit your resume and portfolio (PDF format) to Email: hr@designhubarch.com.
2. Email attachments are suggested as PDF files, and the size should not more than 10MB.
3. The format of the email title is (position + full-time / Internship + name).

Please indicate the date of starting work or internship in the text of the e-mail. We will contact the qualified applicant to arrange interview within 10 days of receipt of the application. Please wait with patience.
Telephone: 0571-89808916
Address: 2nd floor, No. 24 Baiyun Road, Phase I, Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou