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We were honored to be appointed to redesign the existing 2,000 sqm Esprit Asia headquarter location in Shanghai.

The heritage warehouse building, in which the office is located in, provided a unique space over 2 floors, which gave the perfect grounds to reimagine ESPRITs first headquarter of the 80s in San Francisco and bring the spirit and essence of it to life. With the high focus on design we relate to their impressive design heritage with a new handwriting of today’s time.

▼办公室外观,独具特色两层楼空间,exterior view, a unique space over 2 floors ©Jérôme Zhang


▼入口空间,entrance ©Jérôme Zhang

▼从玻璃门看到明快的办公室,view of the bright office from glass doors  ©Jérôme Zhang

▼一层中心的开放式交流区,open gathering place on the first floor  ©Jérôme Zhang

▼可自由移动的坐垫,movable seats  ©Jérôme Zhang

▼特殊颜色的水磨石划分出会议室,terrazzo in special color guidence the meeting room  ©Jérôme Zhang

The discipline was clear: simple space with simple rules. The interior is clean and uncomplicated. Blocks of different heights and different materials give the guidance through-out the open space such as kitchen, meeting rooms, presentation walls or central enclosed rooms for privacy. A very bright space to celebrate ESPRITs spirit and positivity. The center of both floors is designed to be a central gathering place for open communication and interactions, closer to the window areas the privacy increased with individual working desks for all employees.

▼二层空间概览,overview of the second floor ©Jérôme Zhang

▼二层中心也设有开放式讨论区,open gathering place on the second floor  ©Jérôme Zhang

▼开放讨论区中设有封闭的私密空间,enclosed private room within the open gathering place  ©Jérôme Zhang 

▼二层中心区细节,detail of the central area on the second floor  ©Jérôme Zhang 

▼玻璃墙围合的开放式会议室,open meeting room surrounded by glass walls  ©Jérôme Zhang 


Colors kept very neutral within the construction. Giving highlight to the receptions blue-dyed terrazzo and the staircase in a pink stucco. In addition, accents of color were designed for all movable seats and cushions.

▼水磨石框起的楼梯间,staircase framed by terrazzo  ©Jérôme Zhang ©Jérôme Zhang

▼粉色灰泥装饰的楼梯,staircase in a pink stucco  ©Jérôme Zhang ©Jérôme Zhang

▼彩色的座椅成为空间的装饰,colored seats decorate the space ©Jérôme Zhang ©Jérôme Zhang


All in all, the material choices and the new office design identity are modern, simple, playful with accents of color and visually show and reflect the brands new ethos in today’s time.

▼简单而纯粹的空间,simple and pure space ©Jérôme Zhang

▼现代化的材质组合,material choices are modern ©Jérôme Zhang

▼平面图,plan ©SKYnoa

Design/ Project Managing/ Construction Supervision/ Sourcing and Procurement : SKY NOA Hong Kong / Shanghai: Alberto Sanchez; Pascal Krepel; Jerry Yu
Project Coordinator from Esprit: Tina He (Esprit Inhouse)
Photographer: Jérôme Zhang
Location: ESPRIT 71 Lane 996 Hongqiao Road

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