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As working life has changed dramatically in recent months, this office is a trailblazing example of how workplace design can blend with home comfort to revitalise and encourage a new culture of creative talent.

In Spring 2019, Daytrip.studio was approached to design a new workplace environment for a media company in Clerkenwell. Set over three floors of an 18th century industrial warehouse the existing shell features raw brick and Crittall windows, with a rooftop pavilion and terrace. 

▼公共办公区域一览,overall view of the public office area © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼开放式办公空间,open office space © Mariell Lind Hansen


From the outset, Daytrip were encouraged to create a bold and totally unique approach to workplace interiors. The brief also included the need for cellular, individual work spaces with only a small proportion of open plan studio space, plus a complete floor for a flexible lounge and meeting rooms.

▼休息区域,rest area © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼从休息区域看向会议室,view of the meeting room from the lounge area © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼会议室内部,inside meeting room  © Mariell Lind Hansen


Comfort and usability were key to the design choices, the client was keen to ensure their employees could work in a relaxed way and think creatively without distraction, using the tools provided. Each office and meeting area is equipped with wipeable glass panels and pin-able surfaces to workshop ideas. Ample shelving and storage is dotted throughout and centralised kitchens encourage communal moments.

▼集中式厨房区域,centralised kitchens © Mariell Lind Hansen


The design touches upon a reinterpretation of strong feminine aesthetics – looking at references of 1950s kitchens, Hollywood glamour and Californian club houses. The results are a careful yet daring approach to colour and contrast, a considered mix of materials that range from lo-fi, industrial materials; plywood, pigmented MDF and passivated zinc, contrasts with more luxe finishes such as high gloss lacquer, deep velvets and plush carpets in lipstick red and acid yellow.

▼装饰色彩丰富而明艳,the bright and colorful decor © Mariell Lind Hanse

▼带有复古家具和中世纪风格装饰的独立办公室,separate office with vintage furniture and mid-century décor © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼储物空间,storage space © Mariell Lind Hansen

充满活力的家具和细木工制品的组合从不同的时代中获得了灵感,其中不乏折衷主义、主要的中世纪作品以及七十年代复古作品的影响。Dieter Rams的玻璃纤维扶手椅或Vernor Panton灯,都与采用了20世纪20年代经典面料的现代风格会议室家具相得益彰。Daytrip.studio与Viaduct紧密合作,共同采购这些家具以及定制解决方案。贯穿整个设计的是一种特有的电影色彩,饱含着对电影行业的怀念,但仔细观察,你又会发现整个设计和细节都充满了现代感。

retro décor complements modern style meeting room furniture © Mariell Lind Hansen

The vibrant mix of furniture and joinery take their cues from different eras. There are eclectic influences, key Mid- century pieces along with seventies vintage finds, the Dieter Rams fibreglass armchairs or Vernor Panton lights are harmonised with the contemporary meeting room furniture, upholstered in classic fabrics from the 1920s. Daytrip.studio worked closely with Viaduct to source these along with bespoke and customised solutions. There is an inherent cinematic undertone that runs throughout, a nostalgic nod to the film industry, yet on closer examination there is contemporary design and details throughout.

▼让人心旷神怡的色彩搭配,a refreshing color scheme © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼复古与现代座椅,the vintage and modern seating © Mariell Lind Hansen

▼细节,details © Mariell Lind Hansen

March 2020
Design: Daytrip.studio
Photography Credit: Mariell Lind Hansen

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