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概述 | Description


The project has been built for 10 years. We co-initiated it in 2009 as a program and architectural revitalization of the Prague riverfront area that was built as a quay and transhipment point. The area was deserted after the 2002 floods and used as a car park. By gradual program activation, we have achieved cultural and social revival, and subsequently, architectural rehabilitation.

▼河滨地区环境概览,View from the Prague riverfront ©BoysPlayNice


城市环境 | Urban context


▼项目的重点是对河堤墙壁上的20个“洞穴”进行重建,The project focused on the reconstruction of 20 vaults in the riverside wall ©BoysPlayNice

Prague’s riverfront area is a public space of city-wide significance, enabling a unique symbiosis of public space with the spinal cord of the city: the Vltava River. In the regulated part of the banks, the riverfront architecture becomes the backbone for the river spinal cord, which, through the individual “vertebrae” of the embankments, holds the skeletal system of the city on which the entire urban structure forming its body is hung.  The vast revitalized riverfront area stretches along the three Prague embankments: Rašín, Hořejší and Dvořák, almost 4 km in length. It focused on the reconstruction of 20 vaults in the riverside wall (originally ice storage areas). Instead of creating classic interiors, the vaults are merged with the exterior with maximum contact with the riverfront area and the river.

▼堤坝立面,Riverside wall elevation ©BoysPlayNice


功能空间 | Program


The vaults will serve as cafes, clubs, studios, workshops, galleries, a library branch, space for neighbour meetings and public toilets. The architectural design works with modular diversity, the spaces are designed as a detailed base that includes all operational and technical facilities and a bar that can be moved to different positions.

▼洞穴在经过改造后成为多样的功能空间 ©BoysPlayNice
The vaults will serve as muiti-functional spaces open to the public


建筑设计 | Architectural design


▼Rašín堤坝规划示意,Rašín Embankment situation ©petrjanda/brainwork

The six vaults on the Rašín Embankment are built following the almost circular arc of the upper part of the existing openings. The design itself is based on a tiny intervention, which takes more than it adds and brings the existing quality back in a contemporary way, creating a unique situation and opportunity. The former stretch metal curtain wall and stone constructions built into the original bridge arches of the riverfront wall were knocked down and replaced with large-format glazed round windows that open by diagonal rotation inside the frame. The entrance portals are designed as atypical steel frames with dilated elliptic glass weighing 1–1.5t. The stone arched linings of the existing portals are completed with stone stepped volumes following the former steps allusion, which hide the installation shaft, air-conditioning vent and anti-flood control elements.

▼酒吧内部,Interior view ©BoysPlayNice

▼从圆窗望向河岸,View to the riverfront through the window ©BoysPlayNice

▼酒吧楼梯,bar staircase ©BoysPlayNice


▼洞穴入口示意,Open vault dagram ©petrjanda/brainwork

▼防洪构件示意,Flood control diagram ©petrjanda/brainwork

The elliptical pivoting windows made of organic glass 7cm thick and 5.5m in diameter weigh approximately 2.5t. Each has a unique shape and, due to their size exceeding the standard glazing, these are probably the largest pivot windows in the world. Opening and closing is engine powered. For the operation of the inner spaces, the windows are fixed in the position of 60% of its opening. Other options are automatic opening with motion-detecting sensors, or they can be opened by the bar staff.

▼椭圆形旋转窗,The elliptical pivoting windows ©BoysPlayNice


▼Hořejší堤坝规划示意,Hořejší Embankment situation ©petrjanda/brainwork

▼Hořejší堤坝立面,Hořejší Embankment elevation ©BoysPlayNice

The fourteen vaults on the Hořejší Embankment have steel sculptural entrances curved into the jamb in such a way that they connect the vault with the riverfront area in the entire space when opened. In the vaults with public toilets, the entrance wings follow a smooth arc into the interior membrane separating the cabins from the public area. The design and materials of the individual elements of the vaults are unified for all types of spaces. The surfaces of the walls and ceilings are designed as sandblasted concrete with a cast concrete floor and a cast monolithic staircase. The doors are non-rebated with hidden self-closing devices. In the vaulted spaces, built-in inserts for hanging exhibitions are inserted into the surfaces.

▼艺术空间轴测图,Atelier diagram ©petrjanda/brainwork

▼艺术空间内部,interior view ©BoysPlayNice

▼公共厕所轴测图,Public toilets diagram ©petrjanda/brainwork

▼公共厕所入口区域,Toilet entrance ©BoysPlayNice

▼公共厕所内部空间,Toilet interior  view ©BoysPlayNice

▼室内细节,Interior details ©BoysPlayNice

▼洞穴入口夜景,Vaults night view ©BoysPlayNice

▼河滨区域整体夜景,Riverfront night view ©BoysPlayNice

Project name:Revitalization of Prague riverfront area
Architect:Petr Janda | principal architect, project initiator
Team members:Anna Podroužková, Maty Donátová, Bára Simajchlová | architects
Social media:www.facebook.com/petrjandabrainwork
Contact e-mail:info@petrjanda.com, petrjanda.brainwork@gmail.com
Project location:Rašín, Hořejší and Dvořák Embankments, Prague, Czech Republic
Project year:2009-2019
Completion year:2019
Area:linear public space of the waterfront promenade in a total length of about 4 km
Cost:6,5 mil. EUR
Client:The City of Prague
Contact: Jan Nejedlý, riverfront management coordinator | TRADE CENTRE PRAHA j.nejedly@tcp-as.cz
Photo credits:BoysPlayNice | www.boysplaynice.cominfo@boysplaynice.com
3D visualizations Floating toilets, terminal – cyrany.com | www.cyrany.com
Floating pool – SDAR. | www.sdar.cz

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