HENN’s two research buildings to be constructed in Guangzhou and Hanover

The Medview Regenerative Medicine Innovation Center & The Opticum research building for Leibniz University Hanover

Project Specs


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Medview Regenerative Medicine Innovation Center


With the Medview Regenerative Medicine Innovation Center, the company for groundbreaking medical technology is getting a new headquarters. As a renowned manufacturer of 3D printed, regenerative and implantable medical devices and components, the company is at the forefront of high-tech innovation in the biomedical field. In the heart of Guangzhou’s bio-tech district, HENN is developing a hybrid office and laboratory building that functions both as a headquarters and communication centre, and as a development and production platform for start-ups.

▼玻璃幕墙呈现出变化的透明度和光线氛围,Play of light and transparency in the glass facade ©HENN


▼标志性的X形体量,The iconic design of the X-shaped building ©HENN

The company’s visionary work has inspired HENN’s design concept of a “Knowledge Weave”, which symbolises future-orientated medical innovations. In the X-shaped structure, three zones separated by sky gardens unfold from bottom to top, analogous to the development process of an idea towards its application.

▼在X形体量中交织的功能空间,Interwoven programmes in the X shape ©HENN

▼功能空间的楼层布局,The functional arrangement of the floors ©HENN

▼首层平面图,Ground Floor Plan ©HENN



▼透明的内凹表面和不透明的凸出表面相互形成对比 ©HENN
The facade plays with the contrast between the recessed, transparent surfaces and the translucent areas facing outwards

The facade plays with the contrast between the recessed, transparent surfaces and the translucent areas facing outwards. The cuts allow insights to be gained into the company’s diverse working environments and for them in turn to have an external impact. A special design feature is the interplay between one- and two-storey spaces. This creates a spirally interwoven spatial continuum that connects the different working areas with each other.

Construction is set to be completed in 2021.

▼单层和双层空间之间的相互作用,Interplay between one- and two-storey spaces ©HENN





Opticum research building for Leibniz University Hanover


▼Opticum研究中心外观,The new research building of Leibniz University Hanover ©HENN

With the new Opticum research building for Leibniz University Hanover, HENN is creating an identity-giving site and a prominent location for top-class research work, including within the framework of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence. Within this interdisciplinary and international scientific institution, more than 100 researchers and students from the fields of physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, electronics, computer science and mathematics are working together to investigate and develop forward-looking digital optical systems. The architectural design is based both on the high technical demands of the cutting-edge research and the demand for an aesthetic, identity-creating and striking design.

▼研究中心建筑模型,Photograph of the model of the research centre ©HENN

▼模块立面,Modelling of the modules ©HENN

▼剖面建模,Section ©HENN


The building complex is divided into four modules with pentagonal floor plans. The first module houses the core of the Opticum, while the second is an extension of the research building with seminar rooms and a lecture hall. Modules 3 and 4 contain a technology centre for spin-offs with an underground car park.

▼中庭和公共空间,The atrium with the common areas ©HENN


The different sizes of the buildings and rounded edges create a liberal and organic design language. The facade design is based on the alternation of storey-high glazing and opaque solar-oriented louvres. These are proportionally distributed on each side of the pentagons according to direction to allow for an optimal mixture of light incidence and solar protection. The changing alignment of the louvres results in different sequencing of the facades depending on the viewing angle.

▼通高玻璃幕墙和不透明的遮阳百叶 ©HENN
The facade with storey-high glazing and opaque solar-oriented louvres

Architects: HENN
Client: Chuang Jing Med.
Local Co-operation Partners: Guangzhou Architecture Design Institute
Facade: SuP
Landscape Planning: Suzhou Hezhan Landscape Design
Light: RDI
Location: Guangzhou, Grand Bay Area, CN
Area: 59 000 m²
Programme: Office spaces, research laboratories, communication spaces, leisure spaces
Year: 2021

Architects: HENN
Client: Leibniz University Hanover
Location: Hanover, DE
Area: 10’000 m2
Programme: Office Spaces, Research Laboratories, Communications Spaces, Leisure Spaces, Restaurant
Competition: 1st prize

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